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Smart Crib Document Wiki

Welcome to our S-Crib documentation site. Whenever we feel we need to update our product documentation, user information, product description, we will start here.

The list below consists of the documents we currently keep here. If you search for a specific topic, use the search box in the top right corner.

List of documents kept on this server.

Getting Started

User Manuals

  • S-Crib Sheet - a one page summary of what you can do with Password S-Crib.
  • User Manual - user manual for Password S-Crib.
  • Initialisation - different ways of initialising Password S-Crib and brief introduction into our management systems.
  • Enrolment - options for enrolment of Password S-Crib devices to management systems and their assignment to users.
  • Integration with KeyPass - how to use Password S-Crib with KeyPass.

Product Specifications

Marketing Documents

Documents to Download

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